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Welcome to PornoGrafia's Forum-Wide Posting Guidelines!

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1. You may NOT have more than one account.

2a. All posts must be entirely in English.
2b. Post in the proper sections.
2c. Use the SEARCH feature to locate existing threads.

3a. You MAY NOT use the forum for commercial purposes or post spam.
3b. You MAY NOT use money generating redirecting links (i.e. link-bucks, cash-url)
3c. DO NOT post links to websites, blogs, folders or other forums.
3d. DO NOT post links requiring registration or premium subscription to download.

4. Do not use all CAPS in thread titles.

5a. Use thumbnails when posting pics instead of hot-linked images.
5b. Include screen captures with file size, file type and playing time when posting video links.
5c. Include sample images with file size and number of zipped images when posting picture links.

6a. Do not Flood or mass post anything.
6b. Accounts determined to be abusing automated posting software (posting bots), will be banned.

7. Signature links only may be used to link to another PornoGrafia.World page or to a member's download link folder. Any other signature links may not be used without the prior permission of an Administrator.

8. Contact the poster if you download a file requiring a missing password. Do not post requests for missing passwords in threads. Reporting the post or contacting staff will be of no help.

9a. Do not post your or others' personal information.
9b. Don't ask for others personal information or personal items or pics/videos of our members.

10. We may move, remove, merge or edit your posts without notice, in our sole discretion. When threads are cleaned don't be surprised if your comments disappear. Disregarding any rule will result in deletion of threads, warnings and/or bannings.

11. We reserve the right to change any forum rules without notice.

12. Always treat members and staff with respect. Flaming will not be tolerated. You may debate a post without attacking the poster. Report posts containing personal attacks by clicking Report. Never publicly argue with staff. Address any concerns or complaints via Private Messages. If your problem persists, send a Private Message to any Administrator.
Not open for further replies.